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a common affliction among socialites that compels individuals to check their Evite account excessively to see if anyone new has replied. Evititus most often flares up around the holidays when social calendars get full, however, outbreaks can occur in any season.
Michael's evititus overtook him again today; he checked his Evite 8 times in the last hour.
by t doctor May 31, 2007
Evititus is the human condition of checking one's evite multiple times within a matter of minutes. Symptoms include a tendency to lose appetite, tempestuous puffiness in the nether regions, irksome, invertebrates, uncharacteristic outbursts from witty evite responses, and those who suffer tend to be prone to a plethera of fatal atractions.
The union street fair Evite was out and J2 had a severe case of the evititus'.
by Junior and Naked May 31, 2007
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