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A man's smell, attitude, the 'vibe' he gives off, and how people treat him. Different from plain ole "essence" that has a general use.

"Evin" adds a reference to the similar-sounding band and is the name of a man in Hawaii who wears strong cologne and has thereby become associated with the term.
Avery - "What the hell's that smell? It's like someone assed up the Axe in here."
Noah - "Nah, it's Evin, man. Evin and his goddamn essence."
Avery - "I should've known. Evin-fucking-essence."

James - "Don't look now; we got evinessence inbound."
Rayshi - "Where?!"
James - "Don't look so excited. Not that evinessence."
by Mr. Charisma April 23, 2009
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