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A successfull pirate who founded one of the most astonishing clans, The Black Evil Army.
Feared, respected and loved. Evilleader arises from evil which means a person who is in charge to harm you, and a leader which itself says what it means. You can relate 'evilleader' to something evil, someone who will harm you, and most of the time is tryig to do bad things.

Whenever you hear, see or in any relations physically or in-mind, close your eyes for 60 seconds and say 'I did not do that'.

The word is well-known, and was first made up by EvilLeader himself, you can pay him a visit at
Oh my god, he is just so Evilleader.
Why are you evilleading so much?
My mom said that evilleader was a great dictator!
NO! Evilleader is a pirate..
Excorsism? EvilLeader!
Please do not start evilleading!
His xfire username is "nasir91", :O!
Evilleader is the founder of BEA and the great community we all shall prevail!
by evilleader September 11, 2008
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