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The state bird of Mary-Canada. It can only be seen if you take marijuana, cocaine, mushrooms, and extacy at the same time. Evil dragon is very rude and often interrupts presentations.
Mary Kate: Shut up evil dragon im trying to give a presentation!
by marykatkinz December 30, 2011
A total retard, who thinks he's need on the internet, although he's not very bright and usually lurks on WoW2 since he has no social life.
Guy 1: hey man, I like fuking camels

Guy 2: Dude, you're such an EvilDragon!
by Fuckcamels69 April 06, 2011
A sexual act that involves punching your partner right before you climax, leaving your contact info, and painkillers for when they wake up.
Tasha woke up with a headache, I think Robby gave her the Evil Dragon last night.
by Robertomus December 05, 2014
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