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girl who beyond her bubbly personality and firey red hair is liked for her crazily amazing sex skills also looks scarily like a pink marshmallow while playing goalie
like a an injury prone rugby player will try too hard and end up moaning and groaning but ultimately earn the knickname tampon cos she's only useful 1 week in 4
by huggy bear February 09, 2005
64 146
A Evie is a beautfuil kind hearted girl, she puts her friends and families needs before herself. A unique name and a unique personality, her eyes are a colour of beauty and she makes friends wherever she goes and knows how to make people laugh and smile
Evie is an amazing person
by bobby joe junor August 26, 2010
427 152
a very fione girl who will grow up to be a really really REALLY hotte babe... get a peice of her ass wile you can...
that evie chick matured so well... shes so damn hotte now!!!
by secret admirirer January 31, 2005
439 209
cooler than Andrew
Look at Evie play Mario Kart. She's so much cooler than Andrew.

Heat transfers from Andrew's hand to Evie's hand. She's so much cooler than Andrew.
by uner February 03, 2009
313 121
A girl who may look small and not someone who could do a lot of damage but she who will kill you all. Possibly whilst riding a unicorn.
Have you seen Evie around?" "No, but I found some unicorn tracks and some blood" "Oh dear God!
by tumblraddictdd May 15, 2011
194 86
A super cool, super awesome, down-to-earth girl. She's smart, sweet, beautiful, funny and just all-around amazing. Why is she single? I have no freaking idea.
That girl is so Evie

She's Evilicious
by Neeenjaa November 20, 2011
116 32
a relly hot girl dat cares for evry1
even the ones she dosnt noe
she is relly tall
wow look at evie *stares blankly at her*
by Draconicness December 07, 2008
196 120
A south-east London term for a tall, blonde bombshell so incredibly attractive, she could melt the heart of any man.
Not only does an Evie posses the beauty of a Greek goddess, but also has the cognitive thought much higher than that of the average human.
(A tall, blonde bombshell walks pasts)
Man: That's an Evie, if ever I saw one
by Mighty Spine September 29, 2010
113 61