The kind of drunk where where you don't usually remember much of the night before aside from the most ridiculous happenings such as breaking stripper poles or sliding down the tree outside of your kitchen window. The cause of this catastrophic disaster is due in part to the jungle juice you have indulged in "Lube style" tanker cups consisting mainly of Everclear---thus the basis of the name....everbeasted.
Ed: blah blah blah duuuuude hahaha I'm still drunk blah blah blah where did Tara go? blah blah blah look at my leg hahaha

Greg: huh huh huh dude where are my gleeeses...

Jamie: Greg you seriously broke the stripper pole hahaha

Greg: nuh uh! Oh shit! I was so everbeasted!!

Ed: blah blah blah
by ~*ja~*mi~*e~ October 27, 2008

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