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basicly it means evil but u say it when teachers say " dont say evil in my class its a word of the deivil" and its less offensive to say eval :)
me: this teacher is soo evil giving us homework for the christmas holidays
my friend: i know she is so evil (she says it loudly)
Teacher: dont say evil in my classroom its a word of the deivil
me and friend: *sighs* she is so eval
Teacher: thats better
by Reni777371 January 02, 2006
nick name for evaluation.
I would be happy to send you a free eval to play with, to see if you like it before you buy it.
by Kathy Aumont July 23, 2004
Evil, when used in a cool and unappologetic manner.
"Hey man, you are really eval!"
by Leniyuhl August 25, 2008
A homonym to 'dual' and 'dubl'. Refer to the meaning of 'dual'.
Dick: "How was your day?"
John: "So good, had an eval."
Dick: "Really! Lucky you, I haven't had a dual since Friday!"
by ballingeyes June 21, 2011
(n.) electronic validation (i.e. props, respect, recognition given online)
That was a clever forum post and deserved more e-val.
by Marchant February 20, 2008