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Euphor@k- To be high on MDMA or "MOLLY" (as it is referred to on the street) is know as being "Euphor@k."

(U-4-@K) Not to be confused with the word euphoria or euphoric; (although both these words describe the feeling and/or mood one is in when euphor@k. The word euphor@k is an adjective that describes the euphoric high you can only get while on MOLLY. People who are euphor@k most likely have one or more of the following characteristics; an overwhelming sense of love and/or compaction, large and/or dilated pupils, a strong lust and/or need to fuck the living shit out of members of the opposite sex; whom may be sober, gacked out, a sadist and/or masochistic, drunk/high, a slut/whore/prostitute, and/or is euphor@k themselves. When one is euphor@k, the question should always be when, because the answer is always sex!!!
KT- "That orgasm was fuckin incredible! how is it that you can still be going; and why does my pussy feel like heaven?!"

ME- "Isn't it obvious?! It was that molly bitch's doing!!! She got us Euphor@k out of our fuckin minds!!!"
by Xx0H4N4xX December 19, 2013
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