The way of acting and the feeling after use of the drug Ecstasy.
Man, Poofy was soo E-Tarded today.
by Mellissa What? November 23, 2006
Top Definition
Etarded is what your are the day after you do E (MDMA). YOu tend to get light headed, and your brain feels very spend.
I was rolling so hard yesterday. Now im so etarded.
by Im etarded right now August 01, 2004
(Adv.) A state of mental confusion and severe short-term memory loss that follows in the wake of an ecstasy bender. One who is E tarded often exhibits the characteristics of being stoned. There is some debate as to whether e-tardedness is caused by ecstasy itself or by the effects of being awake, undernourished, and dehydrated for 24+ hours.
Sam: Hey Ann, you wanna call a cab?
Ann: Hm? My cellphone. What?
Sam: Jesus Ann, you're totally E tarded. Where's your cell?
Ann: Uh, what were we just talking about?
by Luciano Del Purgatorio June 21, 2006
The effects of ecstacy after you come down. This ranges from feeling icky after a night of use or the gaping minds of individuals who abuse it regularly.
"Man, I shouldn't have partied so hard last night.. I feel so eTarded."
by Mia Pia March 25, 2007
The is the side effects the day after taking exctacy. Much like a hang over. You can't fully function. You may drop or forget thing you normally wouldn't.
Person 1: Eh did you go to Molly's party last night?

Person 2: Yea. I thizzed so hard! Man I was rollin balls. I'm "e-tarded" today.
by VelvNigga. November 16, 2009
(VERB) Derived from the word retard, an etarded person is someone who has slowed down intellectually, often permanately, from the effects of Ecstasy (MDMA).
"Yo, that kid rolled all summer and he's straight up etarded now. I heard on the news you get holes in your brain, that kid is living proof."
by lowcal September 13, 2005
The mental state of the next day after the use of MDMA (ecstasy). Often the feeling of depression, depleted, headache, mental confusion, loss of short term memory, fatigued.
I rolled hellla hard last night I feel pre e-tarded today...
by Mixmasterbrad July 16, 2009
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