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ETAP is a VERY cheap hotel in Birmingham, England

An etap gyal is a girl you would take to a £35 hotel for one night and share the room with a mate for £17.50 each, just like in Trilla Jermaine Trilloski's record: E-Tap Riddim

Listen to what he says in the tune:

"yoo its an ETAP ting even tho the rooms standard and grim
nobody cares tho cuz at the end of the day were only here for 1 thing...
wether ur with your partner or a link switch off the lights n sip to drink do it your way night or day
bit of foreplay do it your way..."

And at the end he splits the bill
"we can go halfs for £17.50.."

here's the hotel:
yo see dat etap ting? gona bang that haha
by Bradley_w_2003 January 17, 2009
cheap hotel in birmingham... used for a quick BANG!!
Etap gal'll get banged banged!
by aDot October 06, 2008
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