usage: origins in Narcotics Anonymous NA.
"Eskimo" refers to an individual NA member who is identified as the discrete agent of the initial 12-Step experience in an individual's personal journey of recovery.
The "Eskimo" is that individual who takes such a personal interest in an individual addict that s/he both introduces & is able to lead the addict towards complete engagement with this recovery process (cf. 12th-Step (used as verb)).

By principle NA does not advertise due to "a policy of attraction rather than promotion".
NA's influential growth is about half due to personal networking among addicts- both active and former users.
Membership is a process of exposure during a period of unique stress in the member-addicts' life ('hitting bottom').
Thus the agent who "Carries the Message" successfully to new membership is individually important and personally close; these persons may even be seen as relatively moral or dependable, a role-model of sobriety.
• "My Eskimo's name is R.L"

• • My Eskimo met people in a supercool Hollywood NA group through their work in an LA County lockdown rehab.

• • • landlord, passing me a J: "Smoke?"
me: "Ew... No thanx... actually I'm the local Area Secretary in Narcotx Anon."
landlord, turning green: "HOW did you get involved in _that_??"
me: "An eskimo..."

ESKIMO may be derived via the mighty Bob Dylan song, 'Quinn_the_Eskimo' :
"... who changes despair into joy and chaos into rest, and attracts attention from the animals." -Wikipedia
by hilarleo March 25, 2008
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One of God's frozen children.
by farks_me September 18, 2003
snow mexicans
see: the igloo
by Mexicano June 01, 2003
Really cool people.
Do Eskimos dip their dick in antifreeze?
by aereilly August 03, 2003
Penguins that live in igloos that give pebbles to the other Eskimo penguin they love
Some people don't know this but Eskimos really are.rare type of penguin and they're very cute.
by 2303 October 06, 2013
1) An old derogatory word for native people who lived near the northern arctic regions. It literally means "Raw meat eater" and is the northern equivalent of 'nigger'.
*The correct term is Inuit.

2) It refers to Inuit who are addicted to sniffing solvents, drinking too hard and generally f'n up in life.

That ain't no Inuit...he's just a f'n eskimo
by MrBishop April 02, 2008
A person that plays scary lego online games and ice fishes. Most commonly named Jack or Sean.
A: Jack and Sean are such eskimos.

B: I know! They are always ice fishing
A: Sad thing is that they are in denial
by DenialisWrong February 18, 2011
When you're always chillin.
Bro 1: Yo whats up, man?
Bro 2: Eskimo
Bro 1: Yeah, i hear ya.
by Esk!mo May 29, 2013

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