One who buys most groceries from the frozen foods section.

Grocery stores love these people, as their cooking inability keeps them coming back to the longest shelf-life, highest profit-margin area of the store.
Brandon is an Eskimo, he lives on frozen pizza, nuggets, and Hot Pockets.
by TheGoyWonder November 01, 2013
When a male dips his flaccid penis (fishing rod) in a woman's gaping mouth (the hole in the pond).
Laura gave Blake the eskimo in the lounge.
by Second_Cummings May 13, 2013
An elderly man whos health has been effected from past activies in his life. Usually from being a party animal and taking it too far for too long of a time. An eskimo is a man who has abused drugs and lost his mind, contracted a vast variety of STD's from unprotected sex with too many partners, has diseased skin from the harmful effects of artificial tanning, no money from too much gambling, a nasty cough that sounds like a dog barking from lungs full of tar from too much smoking, and no money from gambling too much.
"you see that guy wearing the winter hat puffy coat and talking to himself?"

"ya why"

"whys he dressed like an eskimo its 100 degrees and the middle of july?!?!?"

"he must have partied too hard when he was younger"
by politician October 12, 2012
To rub noses with someone. Used as a display of affection most of the time.
John gave Mary an eskimo in an attempt to look like a sweetiepie even though he's just a big fat pervert.
by Riritsuku July 17, 2010
One with a very well proportioned ass that would give the illusion of fur underneath the pants. Thus an Eskimo.
Dude, Katie Dwyer is such an Eskimo!
by votp April 06, 2010
half asian people who live in a very cold area of the world.
yo, i saw an eskimo yesterday. he was so chill.
by Pothead. December 16, 2008
1) Freezing your hand by placing it in a freezer or snowbank and then beating off.

2) Getting a hand job by a bitch with cold hands.
1) Na I'm cool, I'm just gona go home and give myself a quick eskimo before assing out.

2) Oh shit bitch! This eskimo is making my dick look small! Warm those hands up first!
by Uncle Elroy March 17, 2008

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