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Any female(or even male) who wears ugg boots, or anything that looks like ugg boots or any kind of eskimo looking boots, especially one that is indeed a hoe.
Whats that, your mom just got a pair of Uggs? Wow that bitch is definitly an eskihoe for sho'.

Your dad got matching ugg boots with your mom? His ass is an eskihoe too son.
by Crassmaster Deluxe April 30, 2007
1. (noun) A climate-confused woman who wears Ugg boots and short shorts.
"Stephanie resembled an eski-hoe in her 'boots and shorts' outfit."
by meesagayle March 09, 2010
An attractive female wearing a fuzzy parka with a short miniskirt. (Street language: "A hot girl with a parka and a short skirt.)

These girls love to have the word "eskihoe" yelled at them. Even though they will act like they don't appreciate it, they're actually flattered by the word.
Last week, while I was coming home from the party, I saw the hottest eskihoe I've ever seen.
by conkerbadfur May 09, 2008
A girl (usually white) who wears sweaters, leggings, and furry Uggs 24/7/365
The eskihoe straightened her leggings, pulled on her Uggs, and headed to the nearest Starbucks for her daily hunt.
by Miscellaneous Bean November 11, 2013
One who originates or has lived in Alaska, while at the same time being a whore, hoe, and/or jerk-off. Well known for horny nature and natural ability to abandon others.
Bryan, the Alaskan turned New Yorker, is a dirty eskihoe.
by Conneticutioner August 18, 2005

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