A person of both Eskimo and Black origin. Eski - Bro.

me: Dude, I did not understand that guy with the suntan on the Whaler...

him: Dude, that was not a suntan, he was an Eskibro!
by capngrumpy December 13, 2005
Top Definition
Abbreviation, see eskimo brother
nah, this guy is chill, he's my eskibro
by afrodyke November 12, 2010
A jock or tool wearing the baggiest of sweat pants and sweatshirts that are multiple sizes too big in the winter in hope of being cool.
Did you see that douche walk in wearing a Mexican drug rug of a sweatshirt and sweatpants down to his knees?

Yea, what an Eskibro.
by xTRIGGAMORTISx September 16, 2011
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