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bitches who wear short skirts n ugg boots, making no sense at all by dressing for 2 types of climate simulatanueosly
guy - damn look at those chicks
guy 2 - fuck those eskahos lets go fuck some polar bears
by eskajoe December 24, 2004
A female who wears a mini-skirt with UGG boots; the term is a a combination of the words eskimo (referring to the boots) and ho (referring to a girl trashy enough to wear a short skirt with UGG boots).
If she wasn't wearing such a short skirt, she wouldn't be such an eska-ho.
by Than January 16, 2006
A female who finds it necessary to walk around in mini-skirts and halter tops when it's pouring rain outside, or somewhere along the line of negative 8927340982 degrees.
While smoking at the pruneyard, we noticed a large group of eskahos whispering amongst themselves. Maybe they're looking for their jackets?!
by Lo-ren January 12, 2004

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