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world fashion chic as partial statement in dissuading nationalism and ethnocentrism, promoting universal love. tends to lure others into web of revolution. leaves behind legions of infatuated followers.
"Just look at her in that Indonesian sarong, turtleneck sweater, Tibetan turquoise jewelry, Pakistani clay karrha bangles, brown suede boots and Prada handbag. She's trying to pull an Erum! She's even reading the Financial Times and taking notes! Oh, she has a Chomsky book too! I'm going to make a move and woo her."
by Harlem Line February 26, 2005
An extremely beautiful person, who is very, crazy and out of control. She manipulates people do things her way. Do not get on her dark side, if you do she will ruin your life. A person who is an erum is wierd. An erum is spontaneous, and annoying. Beware of an Erum, they will get you in trouble.
"she's an erum, stay away from her, she'll screw you up!"

"that girl is so, fine, i believe her to be an erum"
by de-fine ink. January 25, 2009
Grumpy English person who sits around all day eating crumpets and baking muffins.
"Shouldnt you be in the kitchen baking me some muffins, you Erum!"
by Crocodile Hunter January 01, 2005

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