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1. Friend of spongebob
2. A nerdy organic chemistry teacher's assistant.
3. Author of "In case of an emergency, you may use a watering can as a lotation device."
4. A young, skilled pediatric ophthalmologist.
Man, that dude is such an ersalan, i ought to make him do my orgo problem set.
by spongebob October 27, 2004
Noun, someone who excels at mowing the lawn and eating Samosas.
Man, look at him mow the lawn and eat Samosas, he's gotta be an Ersalan.
by Bubba October 13, 2004
1.someone who has an obsession with butts.
2.descriptive of someoone with a mental disorder in which the most obvious symptom is the person's obsession with talking with farm animals--mostly chicks.
The man picked up the rubber ducky, and in ersalanic fashion, whispered into its ear, "I love you."
by chaandni January 31, 2005
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