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what black people say because they cant say everybody
(Black guy) hey everybody
(white kid) dude, your black why arent you saying errbody?
(Black Guy) Shut up before i cut you...SKEET
by Ed Cahill December 06, 2004
1. A large group of people as in a gathering.
2. A more "urban" way to say everybody.

From the song Tipsy by J-Kwon.
Errbody in the club gettin tipsy! (Clean)
Errbody in this bitch gettin tipsy!
by bluntedboy June 05, 2004
How idiots say "everybody" because they think its cool, when in reality, its more retarded than the special olympics.
Teacher: OK Johnny, to win the spelling bee, correctly spell "everybody"
Johnny: E-R-R-B-O-D-Y
Teacher: Wrong
Johnny: Ima tell errbody to kill yo bitch ass. I'm just keepin it real yo!
by ihaterap August 03, 2005