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The noise beatboxers use when imitating the sound of the discs being scratched on turntables. Can also be used in the same way as such words tru and legit; as an agreeable statement, or instead of sup or what it is; as a greeting.
G#1: "aight man, lay down the beat."
G#2: "(beatbox sounds) erra! (beatbox sounds)"

girl1: "ah man, last night was so liveee!"
girl2: "erra!"

cool kid: "eyyyy what it is man!"
cooler kid: "erra"
by socasual. March 23, 2010
basically it means..dick.. in assyrian
-your erra is fucking small..ive seen bigger jionts
-moos erra(suck a dick in assyrian)
by s0methings0sweet November 07, 2003