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In Finnish, "Erilainen nuori" = ernu,
a teenager who is so "different" because s/he wears so "differently" (a lot of safety pins and ripped clothes, stripey socks, black clothes), does her/his make-up and hair so "differently" (black and red hair is pretty usual, messy black eyeliner, black nailpolish) and listens to so "different" music (like Japanese rock and HIM of course when "cutting" with plastic spoon)

A hell annoying person! Goes to IRC-Galleria and is in communities like "Syön lapsia" (rough translation: "I eat children"), "Rakkaus on henkinen itsemurha" (roughly "Love is the slowest form of suicide"), "I am aborted" and stuff like that.
Oon niin ErNu että viiltelen vain punaisilla muovilusikoilla!1

=I'm so ErNu that I cut only with red plastic spoons!1
by Mmeh January 30, 2006
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