The way assholes, assholes trying to be funny, and people with lisp say "oh my god". Usually used with a girl wearing a retainer in various memes.
by Andrew676Runner September 03, 2012
Top Definition
used for internet memes. An obnoxious way to say "Oh, My God" with strong emphasis on the R sounds. Typically followed by other words with emphasis on the R sounds.
ERMAHGERD, ERNSTAGERM (Oh, my god, Instagram)
ERMAHGERD, MER FERCE HERTS (Oh, my god, my face hurts)
by byknightsfall June 27, 2012
Pronounced ER-MAH-GERD

Basically Oh My God pronouced with a lisp or as if you are wearing a retainer

Translation: "Oh my god, my favourite books!"
by me<3cock August 22, 2012
used in memes. a parody of "oh my god." also an example of rhotic harmony (linguistics--also seen in the language Yurok, a Native American Language from coastal California)
ermahgerd! Bertmern!
by rhotichermerny May 15, 2013
Something only cool people say
That is with the exception of anyone who hates "werter"
WoW MaN YoU ArE So CoOl
by Dwasbs13 January 08, 2013
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