A man every girl should want but, only one can have. An Eric will never give up on a girl who plays hard to get, so the girl would usually stop playing and go out with him.
Anna: I will never go out with Eric.
Eric: I'm never going to give up.
Anna: Well i will go with you than.
Eric: Finally!!!
by Goldie Baby February 05, 2010
The most amazing person on this planet. The one with whom I will spend the rest of my life with.
Also used when refering to something being perfect and flawless. Hes my pineapple king =0 I love you baby with all my heart!
Look at that view, it's so Eric!
by snow queen August 27, 2008
1. A man who will never appreciate you and will only keep you around to satisfy his own selfish needs.

2. A man who loves himself above all others; an extremely self centered person.
Don't go out with him he's an Eric.
by dorkissmaximus May 21, 2014
A man who is albino and likes to play soccer. He often touches his friends and fondle his pets.
Eric is has no penis
by Yfugigigud January 24, 2014
A dirty minded person.
"Look at that gross Er Ic!"
He is hot and others will envy you for being with him. He is also a liar and really good at manipulating people. An Eric isn't to be completely trusted. He also pretends like he cares, when truly he doesn't.
Eric= biggest douche bag ever.
by aiirbodyluvmee March 09, 2012
A name associated with men who use their charm to woo unsuspecting girls. Eric's are incredibly dangerous. Women are instinctively drawn to their humor and seemingly perfect body. But don't be fooled, girls should be warned not to fall for their fairytale demeanor. The minute you make eye contact you're a goner. Use extreme caution when in the presence of an Eric because if you're not careful, you may just fall in love with him.
I'm done for - Eric just hypnotized me with his eyes.
by Spoon Fan January 16, 2010

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