A charming, fun, caring, loving, intriguing young man who is loved by an Emily. The day that I met this Eric was the day that I realized how much I felt like I was missing out on prior to him. He'll come in to your life and you'll forget what it was ever like without him. You'll find yourself wanting to do anything and everything together because he tends to make things so much better. I felt like I had known this Eric for years when I'd only really known him for about a month. Everything is just...easy with him. He'd bring in Dunks and Dews during class just to bribe me to sit with him...and it worked. He's clever, witty, smart, motivated, talented, excited, and spirited. There will never be a dull moment with him by my side.

I love him,

I love him,

I love him.

by P.I.C September 21, 2010
Person who takes a shit at work and doesn't wash his hands.

Person who enjoys Alabama Hot Pockets!

A guy who drives a large pick up truck to make up for having a small penis.

The colossus of call in's and the sultan of smart time.

Legend in his own mind.

Smartest man in the storeroom and has more.common sense than any 5 people put together.. and will let you know that as well!!
Stop!!!! Do not eat from that side of the party sub or from that bag of potato chips, ERIC just took a shit and didn't wash his hands again!!
by Honcho Villa October 13, 2011
Erics are really sweet guys, there caring and understanding and to top it off there really cute. If you ever meet an eric watchout their charm and sweetness is deadly. They tend to play hockey and soccer. They also act really cute and dont push for sex and things. If you ever come across an eric be sure to grab him before some other guy dose.
i think i like an eric" "well no duh everyone likes eric hes the shit
by smartiegirl9645 November 18, 2010
A music buff who usually tends towards the metal side of life. Has a penchant for whiskeys and bourbon. Sometimes has problems involving a pain in the foot. Unassuming yet very clever when it comes to phillosophical matters. Frugal yet generous. Sexy but not over the top. Erics give lots of kisses and make the best food. Eric is gorgeous.
Persdon 1: He's really hot - but unassuming...
Person 2: Oh! You mean he's an Eric!
by Sagittarius girl February 05, 2010
eric is a tank, marivic thinks so
eric an anoying jackass
eric has no life
by 5555921 May 22, 2011
A huge pussy who sucks at basketball and is the biggest faggot in the world.
Something an Eric would say "I love Taylor Swift"
by rsgfsgf85sfg December 10, 2012

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