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the person in every group of friends that no one likes. usually either a possibly homosexual white male, or obnoxious fat bitch. said person almost always knows they're the burnt pickle, but still pretends everyone likes them.
obnoxious fat bitch:

somewhat attractive friend:
oh my god, you are such a burnt pickle.

obnoxious fat bitch:
by zombiee January 17, 2011
a fairly quiet, somewhat nerdy, average height, lanky, cutely awkward, pale, really smart sixteen year old. pretty good at call of duty, sleeps a lot, forgets things easily, poor eyesight, pretty nice.
guy 1- eric is the chill motherfucker from chemistry, you know, the one with the short girlfriend?

guy 2- yeeeaaa, i know him! he's pretty chill.
by zombiee January 18, 2011

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