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adorable ginger who loves to play field hockey. tends to gravitate towards BRIGHTLY coloured clothing and vintage stores. also tends to like sexy dancer chicks
"Man, that's something Eric would wear."

"Duude, that girl is totally Eric's type"
by FriendofMonkeys March 16, 2010
When spoken by a heavily-accented asian Person, the sound of the name Alex or Eric.
Friend: Erics, can you help me?

Alex: Sure, what's up?

Friend: No! Erics!

Eric: What can I help you with?
by ex-ndma-er January 23, 2008
The most ah-mazing guy you will ever meet. He's sweet, loveable, good looking, and has a great sense of humour. It's impossible not to fall for this guy.
Ashley Loves Eric<3
by AshleyLovesEricc<3 October 28, 2009
A dorky guy that gets hot girls to go out with him.
Guy 1: Man, how did he get her? She's so hot and he's such a dork!
Guy 2: It's because he's an Eric.
by thepseudonyms August 13, 2011
A complete loser with no respect for himself who dates Raccoons and talks about how much action he doesn't get in TJ. He has been known to cry when intoxicated and Hangs out with two Fat Homies often in front of his house. Has been known to obsess with how he looks but is fuckin ugly and has a slight resembelance to a mexican shrek. He is the guy who looks at girls through a peephole and tells his friends to come and look.
Eric: "Hey you guys come look at this sexy Raccoon!"

Homie:"No Eric You fuckin' asshole!"
by Cypress H12 June 28, 2010
a legendary BAMF viking warrior who's tall buffed out body is crowned with hair of fire and filled with a heart of gold that is always there to give strength to his comrades in arms. He enjoys hurling large heavy objects long distances for fun and he is known for his skills at rocking out on the bass. He is impervious to anything the world attempts to throw at him. Though his only known weakness is the sun. but that isn't that big of a deal because of the great advances in sunblock technology. Upon meeting this legendary Eric if you are a woman you will automatically feel the urge to be with him and if you are a guy you will wish to be him. He is a bro of the highest quality. no homo.
"eric come over here i need you to help me move this large heavy object/reach something up high."
by big_fudge64 September 25, 2011
A man known as nothing but beautiful whose eyes' blue color resembles the oceans. His eyes are only near matched by the majestic sound of his voice.
Wow! Eric has nice eyes!
by TheWaveWatcher June 28, 2011
Definition of a great guy. Makes us laugh. Looks out for people. Mediator, Mentor, Gamer, boyscout, singer, can beatbox like a master, snuggler, lover, and hates anyone that hurts his family or friends. But, is willing to help them threw the hardest of situations, to a better side of friendship. An all around great person that I am lucky to have loved in my life.

He's not gay or stupid--Ignore all jelous A-hole def's of an Eric. We all need some luv
Liz: Hey Eric! can we through the football?
Eric: give me a tick the grill is heating up!
Ty: Eric, you comming?
Eric(laughs): Hold on bud, I'm comming
Me: Love you Farley
Eric: Ok, lets go, throw it!
by strugglthreww/Asmile October 25, 2009