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A spin on the word "elite", common on IRC to describe someone or something that is very good, cool, etc. A spinoff of the chinese pronunciation of "elite" which is "ereet" because L's often sound like R's.
Ah man, this new video card is ereet.
by Pael July 11, 2003
Engrish for elite. Similar to reet.
The m4d h4x0r pwned the b0x; he's ereet.
by flowctrl July 11, 2003
me and my friends stumbled across this word by speaking 'wrong' and our defination for it is 'aiight, alright, ok, cool'
Dave: Hey man, Im goin to get some mcdonalds, wanna go?
Frank: Sure, lemme get ready, but I wanna go to taco bell
Dave: ereet be down in bit
by Davie February 14, 2004
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