The term invented by Richie D'VIP aka Richard Pascoe, co-founder of Rampage in the 80's. Known as the King of the 'Slow Jam', Richard was jokingly blamed for the increase in the birth rate in the 90's due to dropping the hottest RnB slow jams.
To this day, there are kids in Europe that are walking around with names such as Devante & Dalvin without knowing how they got their name.
It's about that time for the erection section.
by DJ Slew December 21, 2012
Term coined by Bootle FM's DJ Heather MacLean for late night slow jams.
Tune in to Bootle FM and Join Heather MacLean for the late night Erection Section, get your grove and your bone on!
by Lululuvshockey August 14, 2007
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