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Shorthand of the mmorpg Everquest 2, Sony's follow up to their hit "everquest" games. You either love it, or hate it.
"EQ2 and WOW are rivals"

"I have a lvl 50 zerker in EQ2"
by Miss Muffin Melissa July 03, 2006
Everquest 2, the most comprihensive MMO to date. Holding the most content and most amazing visuals of and MMO. And surpassing WoW in every aspect exept Raiding.
Lee: Eq2 Dude!
Larry: Oh i know Eq2!
John: You up for Eq2?
Scott: Naa i gota play WoW with Dave.
DaveL Yeh... sorry

*acward scilence*

*Scott and Dave, beaten to death with their own delusions of wow*

*Lee, Larry and John remain awesome and become Kings*
by Syro August 14, 2006
Forgert English?

Nice job dipshit.
"Dude I just totally pwned EQ2 players who can't spell!"

"You spelled Forget wrong man"

by Ceibalklolanator January 03, 2008
Password/code used by nerds playing the infamous game Ever Quest II. They get SO f***ing controlled by it that they forgert English (or whatever language they speak, oh yeah! it's worldwide)
Nerd walks into office: EQ2?
Nerd 2: EQ2!!!
Nerd 3: EQ2
Nerd 1: EQ2
an so on...
by Mastah November 12, 2004

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