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A good idea while having a good smoke. Quickly forgotten, followed by another one.
"Eddie Van Basten had an epuffany last night", said Ambrosia. "He found a way of extracting something from something else. Can't remember what it was though."
by Billy Feast October 11, 2007
When a spontaneous or built up thought spawns into your head while you are high that may cause a sudden or drastic realization.
Dude there's no way we can make that much money in one day
*gasp* I just had an epuffany!

We were so fucked for thoughts until we got blazy crazed and Tom had an epuffany!
by JJoint October 20, 2009
A Eureka! moment for a shirt lifter.
Tom: "Ooh I say, I realised the meaning of life last night whilst getting rogered up the jacksie!"

Dave: "Ooh, Tom; you've had an Epuffany 'av ya?"
by Dom8trix April 06, 2011