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erratically updating your myspace/facebook status to drum up attention or to drum up pitty from your internet friends.
Hey have you seen john's myspace status? This guy's creepy, he's been trying to get with my gf for months now frantically changing his myspace status to quotes from her favorite songs and along with telling her to add gay truth box apps so he can creep on her. He's totally be epolar.

That's weird, this one dude sherman's doing the same thing just because my girl makes a joke comment about loving jews. He even went nuts and set his status to road trip to texas, I think when she turned him down and said she just wanted to be friends he deleted all the status's that made him look creepy and socially awkward and just kept updating with statuses that reflect how his life is ruined. They need to stop being so epolar and just realize they're getting played by a girl that can't be friends with anyone without her friends wanting to rape her.
by merk33 January 22, 2010
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