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Adjective. Feeling melancholy while or just after listening to Éponine sing in "Les Miserables."

Origin of EPO: from Éponine, a character in Victor Hugo's Les Misérables, as she is portrayed in the Claude-Michel Schönberg musical of the same name; emo
"Whenever I listen to the second half of 'A Heart Full of Love' I get so epo."
"I can't get through 'On My Own' without becoming so epo I cry."
by MissKaraoke May 25, 2013
7 0
The delicate yet elusive act of taking a car and ploughing it through a grassy pane, wether it be a park, field or any area that has grass on its surface. Some fear EPOS, others have it in their blood.
EPOS professional: Fancy epos'ing the absolute fuck out of that park a bit later?
EPOS assistant: highly deece
by George Thomas! August 20, 2009
8 3
Enjoyment Prevention Officer. Usually used to describe a woman that guilts, nags or otherwise prevents her boyfriend/husband from having a good time with his friends.
Bob: "Sorry guys. Gotta leave. Nancy wants to go home now."

Guys: "Aw, Nancy we were just starting to have fun! Why do you have to be such an E.P.O.?"
by AprilRain May 13, 2010
4 1
1. Amazing

comes from the word 'Epoflondorious'
Derek Jeter is so epo at baseball.

Michael Jordan was epo at basketball when he played
by Pinekone November 24, 2006
15 17