An accidental metathesis of the word 'Episode', considered particularly apt when used in connection with high profile Soap Operas or Reality TV. Suggests the amalgamation of something both 'Epic', and either 'Medicinally efficacious' for those predisposed to such things; or the slang for 'an infection transmitted sexually' for those with an aversion to them.
I've just watched my daily epidose of Big Brother.
by Siggy June 19, 2006
Top Definition
An episode of a daily soap.
On Wednesdays Epidose of Eastenders...
by Annie R J Brion June 19, 2006
Daily or almost daily programme with addictive qualities, usually soap opera, can also be 'reality' television, and other programmes of that ilk.
I missed my epidose of Neighbours today
by Grymma June 19, 2006
(n.) an episode of a TV series that you can't miss without suffering from withdrawal symptoms.
Have you gotten your latest epidose of Flash Forward?
by agnayoluap October 04, 2009
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