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eph you
by ephu August 24, 2003
to be used in replacement of the letter 'F' in any situation.
Eph that. Eph you. you stupid mother epher. this word is ephing cool. the eph bomb.
Crappiest high school in Texas, Eagle Pass High School is situated in the poorest county in Texas and filled with mexican cholos, assholes and preps. The band is full of horny chicks and dudes who fuck each other on the bus to trips, yet holds the record for most first divisions. The school funds the hell out of the football team yet they cant even make it past the first round of playoffs and they still get new uniforms every year. Our academics are shit too, we do mediocre in every aspect combined. Anyone with an IQ over 10 should think about getting out of here but since most of us are lazy shits, most of us stay.
Person 1: What school you go to?

Person 2:EPHS....

Person 1: .......

Person 2: i know
by Dude from High School February 23, 2014
1. Everything, nothing, everything that is in between everything and nothing, and nothing that is in between everything and nothing; having relevance to all possible things, concepts, and ideas in the universe and all impossible, while being related to nothing; something logical that makes no sense.

2. See Depravity, on page omgnoplzD': in Gravitation fanfiction.

"The dominator was on bottom, that Eph."

"Eph eph eph eph?"

"Eph Eph Eph Eph, his name is my name, too."


"This Eph is pink like my hair, and lightly ribbed for added pleasure."

"The Eph boots and tail make red-heads orgasm as their motorcycles vibrate beneath their balls."
by Squalmatter June 18, 2006
Meaning forget this or fuck this.
Eph this town, its full of retarded tempe highs.
by da duck November 01, 2013
Every Passing Hour. A Grand Rapids, Michigan, metal band. They're extremely talented.
Dude, did you see EPH's set last night? It was sick.
by Q-Tip McVicker April 03, 2005
To sexually stroke a man's penis and then SUCK IT HARD WITH YOUR BIG ASS MONKEY!
I eph my mom.
by Ephin October 26, 2003

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