The best Counter-Strike player in the wolrd.
Holy shit, he (epar) fucking cheats.
by epar March 10, 2003
Top Definition
rape backwards. So you can use the word without people knowing about it. Used as a humourous expression especially as a greeting. Or else reffering to a person or event that is funny in a grizly way. See rapist, definition as being a person with funny grizly sense of humour
epar! (greeting people) or say someone made grizly joke about poo play, you might say epar!
by TPS December 15, 2003
Exclamation made by a dyslexic who is being sexually assaulted.
Epar! Epar! Someone notify the authorities at once!
by Sheik Yobooti April 16, 2008
rape backwards. a new way of calling rape so as not to offend someone
by 211024 February 19, 2010
noun, verb, raped, rap·ing.
–noun (1)
to rape someone all in good fun

(2) girls raping guys
(1) snooki and deena took over oxegen by eparing everyone

(2) to creep on someone so much it leads to epar
by deena/snooki June 27, 2011
It means RAPE backwards.
It's a good way of saying that you'd RAPE a bird, in front of your mates. It's meant as a joke and not literally!

"I'd EPAR that bird"
by Rudagar Jones March 27, 2012
1.) Rape spelled backwards
2.) The worlds best Counter-Strike player.
Ex. I will epar your sister!
by Deathstrike March 11, 2003
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