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acronym meaning "extrememly out of control"
Person A: I'm eating microwaved cereals.
Person B: That's eoc.
by patricious September 28, 2009
The definiton of EOC --> End Of Conversation

Its pretty simple really.. ;)
Daughter: Can I borrow some money?
Dad: No..
Daughter: Please..?
Dad: NO! EOC!
by MartinSL3iM August 20, 2005
When someone comments in any social network's users status of no importance (or something that is equivalent to a "Caga Palo" comment) , resulting in killing the conversation, one must put EOC (End of Conversation)
Person 1-Bro i "defraged" her good last night
Person 2-I just hope you checked her "harddrive" before plugging in your "USB" in her port for any virus
Person 3- Oh you guys know about computers? can you guys hook me up with an anti-virus
Person 1- EOC
by The ShadowX January 09, 2011
The place where the guy works, but he only works there if he is billing, but you cantsaydat, so he does work der. It is in the centre of building uptowns which means, to the guys at the depot, it is in on the west side of uptown. The EOC holds many big conferences, with the likes of Dept Ministers, EHS, and Ted Turner attending. It is rumoured that a furry animal sometimes roams the EOC; however, these rumours can likely be attributed to Molnar-Jorrezaks chapeau, or the little guy FROM chapeau visiting.
Hey, guy! There is a big viande in the EOC! Make sure Soffwood doesnt steal all of the nourriture!
by Cliff from Arden March 08, 2005
Equal opportunity cooter. A girl who has an indiscriminate vagina and does not have a specific ethnic "type".
That EOC had herself a black dude, a Jewish guy and a white boy all in one week.
by Bootylikeyonce September 11, 2016
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