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A person who can't speak another language who gets jealous and pissed off at people who can. Frequently believes people speaking another language are talking shit about her or showing off. In worse case, an envylingual might pretend to know a language the bilinguals don't by saying random words in another language or making one up.
Vika: Hallo Sveta! Ich bin studentin Vika. Vilkommen. Du Osterei?

Sveta: Ja, Ich bin Osterei.

Ana: Yeah, just go ahead and talk shit about me. Fucking Germans!! This is America speak English!!! I can speak Chinese so you're not the only one! Ching ling chicken chow mein chang meng.

Sveta: What's her problem? Is she having a seizure or something?

Vika: Don't worry. She's just being envylingual.
by bowlingforcolumbine February 25, 2010
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