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An enormous post that someone uploads to the internet. These usually take from a majority to the whole page of a social network, blog, comment section, or online dictionary.


Ronny456THESTUFF posted:
YOU GUYS AR NOT GONNA BELEIVE WAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY!!1!! So me and my bro got back from work, and I sat down to play some COD. I'm totally awsome now since I got a 1.00 Kd. I sed to my bro, lets play some. He said, man cod suks, you know theyr totaly rippin you off with those DLCs. I said, ALRIGHT, NAME A GAME THATS BETTER THAN COD. He unplugged my playstation and said, I'll show you. HA THIS FOOL THINKS COD SUKS, WHAT A NOOB!!!! I laffed so hard at him. He got out his dusty old piece of crap N64.Then he got out this gold box, IT SAID ZELDA, HAHAHAHA!! He said, dude I'm tellin you, you must beat this game. I sed that there is no way. He plugged in the game and the screen turnd on. He got tu the menu and startd a new file. I got up and said BRO, I'M NOT GONA SIT DOWN AND PLAY THIS CRAP!!1! WHY WOULD I LET HIM PLAY ZELDA WHEN I COULD BE PLAYING COD! I started yelling at him. GET OFF THE TELEVI........ I stopped was ......... beautiful! WHAT GAME IS THAT!

He turned around. A blindingly bright light shot out from the TV.

An echoing voice told me, "Want to play?"
I said, "What game?"


(This is an example of a subject becoming an "Ocarinaholic") look it up.
Zelda addiction big annoying post Nintendo enormo-post
by kuledawg August 27, 2013
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