When a man bleeds out of his asshole, much like when a woman has her period. It is caused by a lot of stress or depression. No one is sure why this happens, hence the name enigma. It is mentioned in the Lil Wayne song 6 Foot 7 Foot when he says "what's the world without enigma?"
Guy 1: Did you hear about Mike?
Guy 2: No, what happened?
Guy 1: Stephanie broke up with him and he enigmad all over the place
by chaka94 November 25, 2011

i.e The female of the species.

Woman: Does my butt look big in this?

Bloke: Uhm... no? You look great.

Woman: What do you mean ...uhm no?

Bloke: I don't get you.

Woman sarcastically: Yah, I'm an enigma alright dickhead.
by Lassed up jokey August 14, 2006
The coolest cat around. No one can out cool him, not even Cheebo.
Hah! Out cool enigma! NEVER!
by enigma April 19, 2003
the best fucking emo, death group on the face of the planet
I went to an enigma concert and it both depressed and excited me beyond fucking belief!!!
by Hidalgo Rivera September 08, 2006
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