To be like an engy or wear tight pants.
Engy - Tight Pants!!
by David Kiel May 05, 2006
Top Definition
An engineer; used mainly in online games.
Get an engy here, and set up a minefield.
by [coolname] June 17, 2003
A kickass builder of sentry guns, most commonly seen pwning the hell out of some FBL bitches
ETTeddy.MpB (picture of SG here) FBLMach3
by [ET]Teddy December 19, 2004
to go out to a grave yard and dig up the oldest grave there, stuff some date rape pills into whats left of the corpses mouth then fuck the shit out of it and take it home as a trophie.
"omg Lib did an engy buster grandad last night!!"
by Engmaster March 29, 2008

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