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When a group of white males grow tired of regular English, but are intelligent enough to use grammar correctly (in contrast to black people and their bad-grammar ebonics), they create their own set of litereary terms and words, that are used in various situations... particuarly those involving the removal of certain girls' anal intestinal lining {see red sock}... members of this group include:

1. c74n l34d3r: Engstrom
2. Deve
3. That's about it...
Jeff: "I rorded your gwid mom last night, however oog she was"

Deve: "P33P! Or I will rord ____ to death!"

Jeff: "Oh shit! You win... I'm not gonna pull a Keep and still go at it"

Blanks are necessary to secure the privacy of certain female individuals.
by Nauf Wauf March 07, 2005
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