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A saying refering to someone as an idiot in RuneScape. Created by legendary Liberator 1.
Wow look at that engmaster, what a village idiot!
by neddy5656 January 26, 2008
to commando roll into a grave just before the body is lowered into it. then proceed to date rape the corpse. fuck the shit out of it and attempt to break about using the bodies pelvis (as it provides spade like features). after the escape one would take the pelvic bone and knock out some dirty fucking jews. Engmaster does not mean an idiot in Runescape, but the counter part is "to fuck anti jewish preists" the Legendary Liberator loves cock, amen brothers.
"holy fuck! did u see that dude engmaster just then? fuck me, if i knew we where going to a Bamistfa I would have brought my fucking skull cap!"
by Engmaster March 31, 2008

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