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Portmanteau of 'engineer' and 'nigger'.
Unlike an engineer, an enginigger lacks formal qualifications and completes projects using the least effort and worst materials, often while wielding the wrong tools.

An enginiggering project is not to be confused with a nigger rig. While the latter involves shoddy repairs, the former involves building something shoddy from scratch.
Most enginiggering works can be found in the ghetto. The results are often tragic/hilarious.
<Bonifa and Shanique are downtown, where they see Tyrone driving a rusty cadillac with big rims.>
Bonifa: Tyrone just graduated from nigger U! Where'd he get the dough for a caddy?
Shanique: He didn't! Whitey taught him how to weld in the joint, and now he be an enginigger. He go weld himself two lawnmower engines onto a scrapped caddy frame.
Bonifa: And where does he put the gas?
Shanique: In old grape juice bottles. They connected to the lawnmowers through a garden hose.
Bonifa: Isn't that dangerous, cuz they could leak 'n shit?
Shanique: Nah sista! I'm sure he....
<Shanique is interrupted by a loud explosion and huge fireball emanating from Tyrones Cadillac.>
by burninator1823 November 10, 2013
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