The name of those awesome-looking handguns in the computer game Unreal Tournament
OMG, he just pwned me with the Enforcers!!!
by TonyDaPony October 07, 2005
Top Definition
A violent guy hired to kill, intimidate or beat people for money, usually looks like a pugilist, wears agressive clothes (punk style, rocker style, gangsta style or like a bodyguard) and a fuckin' attitude that can intimidate anyone just to look at him.
You: Hey man, I will pay you 200 bucks to rough that stupid Bully that beated up my lil' brother!

5 minutes later...

Enforcer: This is from a friend you've fucked!!! (and he beats him in da face)

Bully (nose bleeding): No wait man! this must be a mistake =O !!!

Enforcer: Let's make this motherfucker pay!!! (and he starts to punchin' him so hard that you will feel pity... no wait, KEEP BEATING HIM :D!!)
by Juanisimo April 05, 2007
An enforcer is a violent guy that fears absolutely nothing so they are extremely agressive and can intimidate anyone, hired by someone to kill or beat people by money, the mafia is used to hire them for vengeance or to adjust some personal business and also carry lots of them. They usually looks like bodyguards, they are talls, using a nice suit with dark glasses and a microphone in their suits to comunicate themselves with each others.

They also are called goons and thugs and in latin america they are called matones and sicarios.
Enforcer 1: Hey this is the guy that the boss wants to beat up?

Enforcer 2: Yeah, let's beat him!

Afther the punishment...

Enforcer 1: That was easy!! Let's get out of here!

Enforcer 2: Ok let's trow the body onto the sea so the sharks will clean the evidence >:)

Enforcer 1 & 2: Bwahahahaha!!!
by Jesus_C April 12, 2007
1 : one that enforces
2 a : a violent criminal employed by a crime syndicate; especially : HIT MAN 1 b : an aggressive player (as in ice hockey) known for rough play and fighting
3 : a Tactical Ops player nickfacking as kiwi or gordijnensap and member of the clan {PsW}.
*kiwi killed Player1.
*kiwi killed Player2.
*kiwi killed Player3.
Player1: entfake bitte.
Player2: radarrrrrrr!!!!
Player3 votes kiwi out.

oh its Enforcer :/
by gordijnensap July 27, 2003
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