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endomorph is the physical term which describes a fat shit. who often looks a bit like an easter egg on legs!
tina is not an endomorph
by floor it April 20, 2007
Contrary to popular belief, not a fat bloke.

The kind of guy who looks fat from a distance.
The you get up close and he is 10 cm taller and 10 cm wider across the shoulders than you are.

Do not fight a guy like this, they will floor you be sheer mass and strength.

Look at some Olympic weight lifters and Shot Putters. 110 kg, and only 5 of those are fat.
Damn those bouncers are endomorph.

Abe: That fat bloke ain't no threat.
Bob: Yeah, thin again, he's an endomorph.

A real endomorph, buildt like a brick wall.
by MagnetoHydroDynamics May 30, 2011
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