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January 20,2009 the last day of the Bush presidency
January 20,2009 marks the last day of the presidency of George W Bush, an end of an error.
by Michael_Hunt November 10, 2008
The 30th of June 2016 - the last day of the Benigno Simeon Aquino III] presidency in the Philippines.
Reporter: How many days left before the end of an error, Mr. Dantes?
Jose: I dunno, maybe over 2000 days. Me and my wife kinda regretted voting for him anyway.
Daniel: You should, he's responsible for my cousin's death last November 16, 2004!
by Lakeside Freestylist May 16, 2010
Also the name of the only Les Incompetents album, a band that was a cult headliner for All Ages Concerts and Way Out West, in London, before they split and formed Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man and some others
End of an Error: 2004-2006 compiles every silly thing recorded by les incompetents in their brief existance.
by mybbv December 26, 2009
1/20/2013 the last day of the Obama presidency.
Mark your calendar for 1/20/2013 the end of an error.
by WorldPolitics June 06, 2009