The act of arranging another fuck session after an NSA one night stand.

1. If both parties had fun, an encore is good and will get you a piece of ass again.

2. If you were awesome while she was terrible and you think she may start to catch feelings for you when you bump into her randomly later on, you have no choice but to evacuate immediately.
1. Hey, I know we were just going to make last weekend a one-time thing, but you should swing by my place for an encore before you leave town.

2. Dude, I really need to leave the bar ASAP. The grenade I hooked up with last weekend while blacked out is here and she's trying to get an encore from me.
by Sheeeps May 14, 2011
Top Definition
1. additional performance due to an audience's demand.

2. 'again' or 'repeat'.

3. eminem's new album.

4. our school's album!
are you gonna get the new album by eminem called encore?
by collusion October 09, 2004
To give additional performance.
The audiance demanded a lot of Encore.
by Erik August 12, 2004
Pronounced "ON-CORE"

To ask someone to do something for a second time.
Person 1: "Hey man did you get my email?"
Person 2: "Nah dude...Can u encore that to me?"
Person 1: "Hey what was the answer to number 5?"
Person 2: "Didn't I just give you that answer a second ago?"
Person 1: "Okay...Well...can you encore?"
by Jean-Max Fontilus August 29, 2006
What happens when you flush the toilet and the turd disappears for a second and then pops back up.
Roomate 1: Dude, flush the toilet when you're done taking a shit!

Roomate 2: I did! That turd must have come up for an encore!
by Brackforn March 23, 2009
What you call a really, really bad case of the clap.
Wow, Suzie had the clap so bad i think she had encore.
by Mikey T December 15, 2004
  /ˈɑŋkɔr, -koʊr, ˈɑn-/

interjection, noun, verb, -cored, -cor⋅ing.

1. kill yourself; just do it (used to tell someone to kill themselves, usually when they have been talking about it without following through).
2. a demand for someone to end their life, or less frequently, a demand for them to continue self-harm.
3. the performance or follow-through in response to such a demand.
4. any performance of suicide.
–verb (used with object)
5. to call for a person to kill themselves.
6. to call for an encore from (a person).

1. Some say it manifested from Kurt Cobain's suicide: his struggle with manic depression and eventual suicide being his final performance, or 'encore'.
2. Others claim the term derived from G.G. Allin's perpetual promise to commit suicide on stage, i.e. his greatest 'encore'.
1. "Just do it cunt--ENCORE!!"
1. "All the kids at school want me to encore."
2. "My friend died after he encored."
3. "Fuck you Mum, I'm going to encore."
4. "Nick Cave talks about it a lot, but he never does encore."
1. "Why don't you just encore?"
2. "I hope that cunt is at home encoring."
by GuerillaGesus June 06, 2009
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