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3 definitions by Cazimi

A bad floral print ("horrible floral"). Often found on upholstery, wallpaper, or borders in older homes. Cabbage roses usually predominate.
"That last house we looked at was ok, but the florrible wallpaper in the master bedroom has to go."
by Cazimi September 11, 2009
11 1
noun: a person uneducated about home ownership, maintenance, etc.
"The roof should be ok unless it's leaking. But then again what do I know...I'm a houstard."
by Cazimi May 28, 2009
10 0
Extreme emo; one letter beyond emo (em+p)
"I enjoy fallin asleep to Les Mis. Call me emp but I loves it, I do."
by Cazimi January 08, 2010
8 17