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Something women like to portray too much of.
Woman: I can't believe you didn't call me 20 times today! I don't think you love me anymore!

Man: *SLAP*
by Ruba dub dub January 25, 2005
Noun : A bombast of emotion put on high display to elicit sympathy, to garner attention, or to prove how hard life really is for you.
"OMFGz Carson! My boy friend just broke up with me! My life is ruined!!1one!!1ELEVEN"

"Actually, in real life you wouldn't say that, therefore this is just an E-Motion."

by Brandon Stanger March 16, 2008
Agitation or disturbance of mind; vehement or excited mental state. It is also a powerful and irrational master.
Janet was a slave of emotion.
by Oh, Rockeh! October 01, 2012
Disposition, just the correct non-copying form of it. Certain bands try to steal other certain Aerosmith songs, just they do it wrongly.
Elaina "sweeeeeeeeeeeet disposiiiiiiiiiiitioooon"
Kyle "that's not the song....."
Elaina "oh you're right, the song is even called 'sweet emotion'"
by MrBigBoy May 16, 2010
Something constantly getting in the way of things.
Girl: I wish I could just hook up with him and not like him!
Friend: I know! Emotions always screw stuff up
by amazinglyaverage October 27, 2012
noun; Emotions are the primary driving force of the irrational person. Most emotions are created without marrit. When provoked, most humans tend to rely on these instinctual urges rather than their own true thoughts. Controlled my a human's thoughts, they can become out of control.
The man had been locked in a prison cell for ten years for something he did not do, and becamefearful of those around him who had let their emotions blind them from the truth.

When his girlfriend told him she didn't want to go out with him any more, his emotions took over and he went into a violent rage before hating her.
by Kreada April 17, 2006
agitation or disturbance of mind; viament or excitement; mental state
Janet Weiss shows emotion before sleeping with Rocky in The Rocky Horror Picutre Show
by Demon Barber June 14, 2008