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Similar to masochism, emotiomasochism is the condition where pleasure is derived from putting one-self though frightening, threatening, or traumatizing situations.

Common activities for emotiomashochists include, but are not limited to playing and watching horror-based video games and movies, attending public executions of convicted felons, or attending funerals in which they have no relation to the deceased.

n. effect: emotiomasochism
n. afflicted: emotiomasochist
adj.: emotiomasochistic
A: Give me a good example of emotiomasochism.
B: How about John repeatedly watching the 9/11 plant crash over and over?
A: Yeah, he's such an emotiomasochist.
B: Well, you're one to be talking. I don't understand how you enjoy playing the new Resident Evil so much, its just emotiomasochistic.
by shigekims June 06, 2010
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