I'm so emosexual, I mean, homosexual.
by Emo_buster July 15, 2006
one who is too preoccupied with their own style of music and the personality that goes along with it, thus the name emo and sexual because emo is the style of music that usally exhibits this type of behaviour from its fan base.
emo person; im gonna cry cause im a faggot And i suck so go away. other emo person; oh no why is this happening to me i gotta listen to simple plan now ohoh oh.
by jkfjf May 07, 2005
one who listens to emo music
youre an emosexual
by queer April 22, 2003
this is when a person has sex with the same sex just to get attention.
goddamn kelly stop being so emosexual
by ihatesmith January 25, 2005
A musical deviant, with no accounting for taste. Often seen with star tattoos, mesh trucker hats, wearing clothing recieved at mall or warped tour. A dying breed, emosexuals are on the verge of extinction as they realise that they are live a lifestyle that is akin to modern hairmetal
Your so emosexual
by Fred October 01, 2003
One who starts an emo band to meet members of the opposite sex
The singer of that band is an emosexual
by failed October 10, 2003
kelly.....see goosecock the barbarian
God Damn Goosecock quit being so fucking emosexual and fucking truck driving lesbians.
by asdfa March 03, 2005

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